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The Black Mamba APU was founded by Transfrontier Africa. It was created to protect Olifants West Nature Reserve in Balule. Starting off with a team of only six just one year later the Black Mamba APU has grown to cover the entire Balule area!

The Black Mambas is the first of its kind, being that the majority of the team are women.  The APU team operate in an open system and are directly connected to the Kruger National Park and are therefore the custodians of the wild animals that roam freely throughout Balule Private Nature Reserve. The Western region has been registered with the National and Provincial Governments as a component of The National Protected Areas Network. The Black Mambas maintain and protect the western boundary fence of the Greater Kruger National Park, a significant barrier between the human-wildlife conflict and the poachers that enter the protected areas network.

Anti-poaching is a major need in the area which is constantly plagued by rhino poachers and also bush-meat poachers. Apart from the antelopes other endangered wildlife such as wild dogs and cheetah all too often fall victim to the snares.

The Black Mambas Anti-poaching unit are constantly deployed and managed around the area. They will search and destroy poacher’s camps, wire snares and bush meat kitchens every single day. Aerial support, specialist dogs, early detection and rapid response is all that stands between the wildlife and the poachers. Technology such as remote GSM cameras, drone assistance and infra-red etc., etc., is the unit's biggest ally.


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The Black Mamba ladies featured on channel 4'S Unreported World back in May 2015

They have also featured on several news channels & TV programmes around the world and continue to be of interest to the World's media! 



"We are delighted to have teamed up with the Balule Game Reserve, part of Game Reserves United, to offer you the chance to EXCLUSIVELY sponsor a member of the Black Mambas anti-poaching unit.  This is your chance to play a role on the front line of anti-poaching – without leaving your front room!

The Black Mambas are South Africa’s first all female anti-poaching unit, and they operate on the front line of the Balule coalition of private game reserves on the western border of the world famous Kruger National Park.  The ladies day starts with checking the perimeter fences for signs of poaching activity.  This is a 14 km walk in temperatures that can reach as high as 40C."

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