The Black Mambas APU

Fundraising Appeal - Black Mamba kit & equipment

We desperately need everyone's help to get this kit to South Africa. The kit was very generously organised and donated by Empowering Success and friends of the organisation. It was further organised, stored, packed and handled by PNR UK Ltd over weekends and evenings. So a lot of work and effort had already gone into this donation...

NOW the whole consignment is subject to customs charges due to recent import changes with South African import regulations. It is currently stuck in a warehouse in the UK still waiting to leave the country - it has been waiting for 3 months already. Please help us get this much needed kit to the Black Mamba anti-poaching unit.


A lot of time and effort had gone into this and although it is costly to ship the kit it is still less expensive than buying it all in South Africa. 


We can do this!  Thank you for your support...

How will this benefit The Black Mambas?


The Black Mambas reply heavily on the right kit to and equipment to do their jobs to the best of their ability. Spare uniforms, boots, sleeping bags, camping equipment and warm clothing for the winter months is all needed. This shipment has it all - very generously donated.  The Black Mambas are under Transfrontier Africa's NGO charity status and this kit is only intended for  them.  

Furthermore there will the opportunity to sponsor a Black Mamba through Helping Rhinos

The Black Mamba Anti Poaching Unit is having a very positive effect on the fight against poaching AND are making a real difference... 


In recent years they have drawn a lot of worldwide attention, featuring on numerous major news channels around the globe and being the subject of many documentaries on television and radio.  However, they still need your support to do more. 

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