Indlovu Bush Camp

Indlovu Bush Camp was newly built early in 2013 following a move from the project’s former home.  The camp consists of basic but functional accommodation in chalets, an open-air lapa/communal area, kitchen and  two bathrooms.


The camp is not a lodge and there is no bar or swimming pool or air conditioning. It will, however, offer you an authentic bush experience!


Chalets are brick-built and have a thatched roof, which should keep them nice and cool! They are lockable but care should still be taken with any valuables you bring to camp. The chalets are arranged in a semi-circular formation around the Lapa/entertainment area and are closer together for safety purposes.  Volunteers are still able to maintain privacy. All chalets have solar lights but no power outlet.


The bathroom facilities on camp are open-air with a modesty reed screen.  There are flushing toilets and a shower, for cold showers only!

The camp is an ‘open’ camp, which means that the local wildlife/dangerous animals can move freely through the camp, should they choose to do so!  The local elephants are particularly stubborn or curious depending on which way you look at it and have caused for some exciting times on camp!  They have been known to damage facilities, in particular to the plumbing – in fact the facilities are often interrupted by wildlife such as elephants damaging the bathrooms and water pipes. This information is not to alarm you but to make you aware of the realities of life on an open bush camp.

Food and drink

Volunteers will have plenty to eat and drink during their time on camp.  During your time on camp you will be provided with at least 3 meals per day.  You will also have access to drinking water.  Any snacks, treats or alcoholic/soft beverages will need to be purchased at extra cost.  These can be purchased from Hoedspruit town when visiting. To cover any additional expenses while volunteering, we would suggest that volunteers consider having access to approximately R500.00 per week of your stay.

All cooked meals are prepared on the open-fire and here is an idea of the type of meals to expect:

  • Breakfast - Cereal and bread with peanut butter and Jam. There is also fruit.  
  • Lunch - Usually in the field. Varies from cold-meats and salad to hamburgers.
  • Dinner - There is normally a six-day menu that has a variety of fresh red meat and chicken, accompanied by baked potatoes, salad and various veggies such as butternut or broccoli and cauliflower.

Tea, coffee and safe drinking water are provided. In the field snacks in between meals are also provided.  All cooked meals are prepared on the open-fire.



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